The Health of India, 2022 summit is presented by YouTube Health and hosted by HealthLEADS. The summit is aimed at building a robust Information Ecosystem for a Healthier India’. The aim is also to highlight progress and key challenges, access to authoritative information, inspire bold thinking and build a platform for new collaborations and partnerships for the healthcare ecosystem in the country.


The summit will include in-depth deliberations and group discussions with doctors, public health specialists, policy makers, academics, journalists and technologists who have closely studied misinformation, having been at the frontlines of the infodemic. Delegates will be exposed to the rapidly evolving health information ecosystem with policy discussions, learnings, and what the future holds for the health of the world’s largest democracy.


The summit will bring together doctors, policy makers, health journalists, fact-checkers and public health researchers and students.


The sessions will entail a combination of expert talks, panel-discussions and a hands-on training workshop to equip participants with the basic tools for fact-checking to address health misinformation.

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The future of India’s thriving healthcare system is powered by public health systems, communications and collaborations. At this gathering of India’s top thought leaders, we share ideas and vision for building better public health systems.


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To address healthcare for humans, we take the humane angle and focus on the power of partnerships. We draw spotlight on empowering different voices for better healthcare.


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We identify key emerging trends about health data in India, including data on
the toll of diseases, health trends and how diagnostic companies and hospitals are strengthening the digital infrastructure and data collection in the country.


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The aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic has led to an information overdose. In
this age of infodemic, we look to the media, policy makers and civil society to scale the use of evidence-based information that can build resilience towards misinformation.


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Health fact-checking and media literacy trainers come together to share their journey and key learnings in identifying and addressing health related misinformation, unscientific claims and rumors.


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Fact-checking can be challenging, and critical - especially in times of a global health crisis. This workshop will arm participants with tools and techniques
to identify and debunk health misinformation.


The biggest names in healthcare, public policy, Healthtech, health communication and advocacy will meet at Health of India. Join us in Delhi

Garth Graham
Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health, YouTube

Dr. K Srinath Reddy
President, Public Health Foundation of India

Supriya Bezbaruah
Public Health Risk Communication Specialist, WHO Geneva

Dr. Shubnum Singh
Principal Advisor, Health Policy, Confederation of Indian Industry

Neeraj Jain
Country Director, PATH

Rajni Kant Srivastava
Director, ICMR - Regional Medical Research Centre

Dr. Kavita Singh
South Asia/India Director, DNDi

Dr. Dayaprasad G Kulkarni
Founder and Director, Aarogya Seva

Chhitz Kumar
Vice President, Health Systems, Philips

Indira Behara Tankha
Vice President at Global Health Strategies

Dr. Jaya Shreedhar
Asia Media Health Advisor, Internew and Co-author of "Let's Talk Vaccines, Chennai"

Dr. Mradul Kaushik
Senior Director - Operations and Planning & Chief Operating Officer, Max Healthcare

Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan
Founder, HealthCube

Dr.Sameer Kaul
Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Apollo Hospitals

Kishor Joshi
Chief Business Officer, Teleradiology Solutions Group

Rajiv Sikka
CIO, Medanta Group

Prof. Dr. Anubhuti Yadav
Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Dr. Ashish Bajaj
Chief Marketing Officer, Narayana Health

Anas Wajid
Senior Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Madhur Gopal
AVP Marketing and Digital Initiatives, Manipal Health Enterprises

Dr. Rajmohan Panda
Health Systems & Policy Research Expert

Dr. Arun P Jose
Deputy Director, Centre for Digital Health, Public Health Foundation of India

Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya
Physician and Public Health and Policy Expert

Aparna Sanyal
Filmmaker and

Dinesh C Sharma
Veteran Science Journalist

Anubha Bhonsle
Founder Newsworthy

Dr. Sreya Gupta
Founder & CEO at Doctors'

Komal Narang
Counsellor and Mind-Body Therapist, Anna Chandy & Associates

Shrinath Honnavalli
Co-founder & CEO, Trawello Healthcare

Dr. Tanaya Narendra
Doctor | Medical Education Enthusiast | Content Creator

Surbhi Kaul
Digital Journalist,

Anuja Venkatachalam
Data Journalist

Mayank Aggarwal
Science Journalist

Syed Nazakat
Founder & CEO, DataLEADS

Surbhi Pandit Nangia
Vice President - Partnerships and Outreach

Varadarajan Ananthakrishnan
Director Training,



Presented by

Presented by


Dr. Roderico H. Ofrin

WHO Country Representative to India

" The idea being Covid 19 response as a launch for having ideas for better health. This is how we should also look at it as a lens. the point of these webinars and e-summits. "

Annaswamy Vaidheesh

Former MD. GSK India

“ The landscape of healthcare has changed dramatically forever. The whole concept of collaboration amongst the stakeholders has gone up leaps and bounds.”


Senior Adviser for Global Health & Innovation, SunPharma

“ Data is gold in public health. You have good data, you have lot of gold to work with. You have bad data, you have nothing. ”

Sanjeev Deshpande

MD & CEO, NTT DATA Business Solutions

“ Urgent need to have an integrated data platform put in place soon.”

Dr. Farhat Mantoo

Director General (India/South Asia)
Médecins Sans Frontières

“ Civil society plays a crucial role in bringing all this together, and platforms like Delhi summit offer that space of exchange. ”

Health of India Summit 2022