Correction Policy

We’re aggressive in our fact checking and sourcing, and go to great lengths to present correct, accurate information in a timely manner. We have a clear editorial process for fact checking every article that is selected, written, edited, and if required, corrected after it has been published. Our coverage is focused on a wide range of topics related to public health, medicine and science. We ensure the factual accuracy, verification and proper attribution of the articles published on our website, of the resources being used as citations, about the quotes attributed to different people.

Despite due diligence, errors and mistakes happen. We at HealthLEADS will take responsibility to acknowledge and correct the errors as quickly as possible and with high levels of transparency.

If we make an error we will correct it and notify it at the bottom of the article. It will be clearly marked as “Correction” at the bottom of the article. If the mistake is significant, we will take down a story and leave an explanation.

If you want to get in touch with our editors to make a suggestion for a fact-check, comment or point out an error, please email us at