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Video warning against eating bitter gourd with ladyfinger gets 88 million FB views 

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A video claiming that “consuming bitter gourd or white radish after ladyfinger results in food poisoning, skin diseases and even death” is fake news

Uploaded on Facebook on May 17, 2020, a fake video warning against eating bitter gourd with ladyfinger has got 88 million views, 1.2 million likes, 0.28 million shares and 11000 comments.  

The narrator in the video warns that if anyone consumes bitter gourd after eating a ladyfinger, they will get food poisoning and die. In addition, he warns against eating white radish after having a ladyfinger, comparing it to drinking milk with fish which is believed to cause skin disease

“A combined radish-ladyfinger food causes skin-related diseases,” the narrator insists. “It also affects the complexion of the face.”

Doctors, however, affirm there is no evidence that eating bitter guard or white radish after ladyfinger can cause food poisoning or a facial skin disease respectively.

Medical science does not support the notion that fish and milk should not be consumed together.  An ideal Mediterranean meal, which is now being considered as one of the healthiest diets globally, includes a combination of fish, yogurt or milk along with cereals, healthy fats and nuts. A lot of studies have been conducted which show that the combination of ingredients in a Mediterranean diet can be really beneficial in keeping heart diseases, diabetes and even mental health problems like depression at bay.